So, we all get it, sometimes when you’re a couple rather than going out to any public park or romantic restaurant which is filled with people you just want a romantic night where it is just the two of you, and if you have a spacious garden then there is no better place to be enjoying with your loved one than your very own garden.

There are a lot of you who love the idea of a romantic night in the garden however don’t know just exactly how to execute it. Luckily, you are in the right place as we have compiled a list of tips on how to decorate, how to time and how to spend your romantic night in the garden.

date night in a garden or backyard

Pre-Date Night Preparations

Before you consider the ideas of what you want to do in your romantic date night in your backyard you should first do the preparations to make sure that everything is perfect on the night you have decided to do it and how to prepare for other date nights.

1: Remove All Distractions

Make sure that you have nothing that will distract you when you are in your garden on the date night, that includes items such as phones, tablets, (any electronics really). Make sure kids are asleep or away if you have them and try and do it on a night when none of the neighbors is doing anything so you don’t get your romantic night ruined by a shirtless guy yelling in his backyard (I know this all too well from experience!)

2: Brainstorm Ideas before the night

Make sure that you have prepared what you actually want to do during the night before you do the night and make sure that both of you are happy doing it as it can’t be a truly happy and romantic evening if only one partner is satisfied with the activity. Remember, you want to make this perfect.

3. Consult With A Landscape Designer

If you’re interested in using your garden or backyard more often for date nights, regular gatherings or just improve the value of your property, try to get in touch with a landscape designer. I know many of my readers are from NYC so I can confidently recommend Brooklyn landscape designer Amber Freda who I’ve never used personally but her I’ve seen enough a lot of her work and all I can say is WOW!

Recommended Ideas for your date night

Now that you know when the night is it is time for you to find some ideas on what you actually want to do with your partner on the night, which is most likely the reason why you came to this article in the first place. So, for your pleasure, we have compiled a great list of ideas from easy to set up activities which would barely cost a dime to some more high-end and more expensive activities which you could do on the night.

Idea #1: Outdoor Theatre.

This is a very simple idea and is easy to execute if you have a flat surface and a projector which you can use outside. Being snuggled up under the covers while watching a romantic film outdoors can be an extremely memorable yet easy to set up the activity you could do on your date night.

Idea #3: Picnic and Dinner under the stars

Just before sunset bring yourself, your partner and a blanket out and have a nice traditional-style picnic as you watch the sunset. Talk to each other for a few hours and then set up (or hire someone else to set up) a beautiful, delicious candlelit dinner under the stars and feast while enjoying each others company.

Idea #2: The Good Old Days

If you’re particularly an older couple then just simply doing childish, fun activities which are reminiscent of your childhood can be one of the most romantic and memorable things you can do. It will increase the bonding between you massively and will also transport you back to a time when you didn’t have to care or have anything to worry about.

Idea #4: Reminisce

Perhaps under the stars, and if it is now a long time relationship, just simply sit by candlelight as you look through photo albums, letters and reminisce about earlier times when you first met. Doing this is genuinely heartwarming and really increases the bond between you both.

Idea #5: Learn Something New

Perhaps you want to learn something new with your partner, like dancing. So, on date night, get a dance instructor to teach you slow dance under the night sky. Perfect and romantic.

Thank you for reading this article and we hope our ideas have inspired and helped you in creating your own romantic date night. Please check out more of our blog. Thanks once again, have a good day and bye!