Couple sitting at cafe during lunch. They are taking offense and sitting back to back.

Getting married is not the end to all of life’s problems. It is the beginning of a new and perhaps, more challenging journey. This time, however, you are to take on new situations but with the companionship and love of a significant other. Trials are part of every marriage and as part of these trials, couples often find themselves up against crossroads wherein a major decision needs to be made.

Such forks on the road do not offer easy choices either. One way could lead to a dead end while the other leads to the unknown. A decision has to be made nonetheless, one which would surely have a strong impact on the family.

The key to dealing with a crossroads is to face it bravely and stop postponing the decision that has to be made. Do not be afraid of changes, welcome them. Not all forks in the road will have a negative result. Sometimes, opportunities might actually be waiting just around the bend. If only you would make the decision. If the proverbial fork in the road involves a death in the family, give each other time to grieve. Couples will sometimes deal with their grief differently.

If for instance, a married couple is faced with a dilemma after the occurrence of a natural disaster, draw up realistic goals and do not rush. Another thing you could do is to plan. Keep a journal and write down the crucial decisions you make every month. Seeing your goals on paper will give you the encouragement you need to address future dilemmas sure to come your way – be it a decision to move, going back to school, buying a new pet, choosing a school for your child, buying a car, illnesses, or anything else that may come along.

It is recommended that couples make important decisions in a relaxed atmosphere. You can come up with more ideas with a relaxed mind. Talk calmly and do not argue. If you disagree on something, try to compromise. When the year ends, go over the list with your spouse and look back at all the decisions you had to make when faced with forks in the road. Evaluate how you handled your dilemmas and promise to stay together no matter how many crossroads you come across.

Forks in the road come at the most unexpected times. Every married couple, young and old, come across dilemmas from mild to heavy. Big decisions need to be made in cases like having a new child, having your last child leave for college, changing jobs, taking care of elderly parents, fires, floods, hurricanes, and a long list of crossroads couples come upon.

The most important thing in facing dilemmas is to stick together as a couple. Set the proper time and place to discuss your options before making a decision. Listen to your partner and consider all your options. Put the good of your spouse and your family above all other factors. Remember that the decision is for you and your spouse to make. If you have older children, consult them about their opinion because they are going to be affected by any decision you make.